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We are 210 frontline healthcare workers in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW at Island Hospital, and we are proud to provide the highest quality, compassionate care to our community every day.

We are certified nursing assistants, surgical techs, lab assistants, dietary, staff, environmental services workers, physical therapy aides, patient access staff, and many other vital job classifications. 

But management is focusing resources on executive pay and refusing to recognize or value our important work, which is undermining our ability to offer the best care and provide for our families.

We are struggling with understaffing, unaffordable healthcare, wages that are below other area hospitals and disrespect, which makes it hard to recruit and retain qualified staff.

Because of our deep commitment to our patients and our community, we have put forward a set of urgent solutions to raise Island Hospital up to area standards and ensure it is the best place to work and receive care.

Next Steps…

Post your selfies and photos to social media using the hashtag #UpliftIsland.